My Bike has been stolen

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My Bike has been stolen

Post by Michael » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:22 pm

My bike was stolen on Saturday 5th January in Middlesbrough on Douglas Street

The images clearly shows a Citroen C3. Here is a snapshot of the video, I'm just wondering if anyone knows who these people are. They were trying the doors on all the cars the night before this happened and as they passed my house they noticed the bikes so they came back at just after 4:15am on Saturday morning. I was awoken by my dogs barking so went down and calmed them down then went to let one of them out but she was still barking but decided not to, but me opening my back door and setting the security light off made the thieved run away as can be seen in video 1 which is linked below from youtube. Video 2 is when they come back to finish their job and Video three shows the thief riding off on my £850 bike. Arghhh!!!!

I have uploaded the footage to YouTube too:

Video 1 - Car turning up, then at the end, the theives running off:

Video 2 - The Thieves return

Video 3 - The Thief rides away with my bike:

Below is the image of my stolen bike which has reflective strips on the spokes.
Its a Boardman Team 650b mountain bike.
So it looks like i'll have to get a new bike so I can go riding in the summer!!!

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